Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wednesday 06/11/2008

21-15-9 reps of:
Burpee Box Jump
KB American Swing
Weighted Situp (25#)
Double Under/High Knees (2x)

10-20-30-20-10 reps of:
Push Press (45#)
Russian KB Swing
Box Jump

I've just received notice that I've been slated to attend the Jungle Confidence Course (JCC), a twenty-day military training course in the wilderness of Brunei Darussalam, in late July/early August.

It culminates in a nine-day period where I'll basically be thrown into the woods with a day and a half's worth of food, forty pounds of gear and a rifle, and left to perform military tasks, find my way back out with the help of a trusty compass and pace-clicking thingamajig, all the while trying my best to avoid the snakes, and other less-than-friendly creatures (e.g. ghosts) that call the jungle their home. Good times! I'm really pumped.

It will be a challenge but I definitely hope I'll be able to earn the JCC badge. In fact, I'm quite surprised that I've been given the opportunity to go for JCC, since I was sent for the Basic Airborne Course two years back during my first vacation attachment, and the bulk of officers usually only get the chance to go for one confidence course in their whole career. So I count myself very privileged to have such opportunities.

I daresay the next phase of my training will be geared increasingly towards endurance (I'm planning to throw in more running and swimming into the mix, and I'm probably going to begin doing the CrossFit Endurance WODs on top of my usual WOD. I'm going to focus more on bodyweight exercises and kettlebell movements, given that my training schedule will be somewhat limited by my military commitments in the next two months. It's probably also a good idea to focus more on these things, to develop the combat fitness which I will need for JCC.

Believe it or not, the gym in the army camp I've been posted to doesn't have Olympic barbells or a squat rack. There's a Smith machine, but we all know that Smith machines are pretty much only good for two things - burpee pull-ups (if the bar can be set high enough), and inverted rows. So it'll be back to basics for me, with dumbbells, kettlebells, plenty of pull-ups (it's the army after all), running in fatigues, and all things fun.

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Mr. Mirek said...

Whew! Now that sounds fun...and taxing! I've always had the desire to do Army Basic Training or Navy SEALs Training, but I didn't want to commit to the military. I know people can spend oodles of $$$ to have that experience, but teachers and family-men like me don't necessarily have those resources. That's why we do things like the "urbanathlon." Close enough!

Likewise, keep me informed about the "fun" you have preparing for that and the results.

BTW...when you train in Ann Arbor, are you training on your own or at HyperFitUSA?

fattybombom said...

r u back in humid old sg?! ring me up! =)

Feng said...

mr. mirek - The urbanathlon sounds cool! I need to check it out, I'm not really sure what it entails yet - is it kind of an adventure race in the city? That'd be pretty awesome! Yeah sometimes I wonder what I got myself into, signing on with the military... haha but it's all good and I've become a better person for it.

fattybombom - Hey Wil! Do you have a Fitness First membership yet? We can work out on Sat if you're up to it! :) :) I'm reaching SG just past midnight on Sat... my vacation attachment starts on Monday so I'll have to get tons of stuff done before that (can you f*cking believe that I lost my f*cking beret... crap)

Feng said...

mr. mirek - oh, and I train by myself with a couple of hardcore buddies! I used to go to HFUSA but not anymore. It's working out well for us all!

fattybombom said...

whoa, so that means u'll have to go army market. Eh, when u go brunei be careful of heat exhaustion or dehydration leh. another 20 y/o OCT died today in brunei. not sure of the cause though.

Unfortunately, I haven't had time to sign up for a membership yet! I shall go check it out later today. haha.