Wednesday, June 18, 2008

back to the grind

CrossFit workouts at 5:00 am in the morning are the best way to get your days started! There's nothing quite like tumbling out of bed at 4:55 am and knowing that you've got an hour to get your CrossFit workout in before it's time for military PT (or 5BX, aka. 5 Basic Exercises, as it's commonly termed here). That's also probably the reason why I'm always nodding off during the talks/discussions, especially the afternoon ones. I don't suppose it does any good for my ROA (route of advancement) or CEP (current estimated potential) to be caught napping in front of a lieutenant-colonel. Staying seated for long periods of time always makes me sleepy. I'd much rather be on my feet doing something. Strangely enough, when the discussions or presentations are over and it's time for sports and games I'm always fully re-energized and raring to go.

After classes yesterday, I managed to check out the refurbished gym at SAFTI Military Institute (the venue for my week-long residential pre-vacation attachment course). It's been considerably prettified since my cadet days -- it used to look a whole lot worse, with the plastic peeling off the seat covers on the weight machines, and rusty weight benches. The old machines have since been replaced with a plethora of spanking new ones, for every isolation movement fathomable. As duly expected, I stayed clear of the machines and made a beeline for the dumbbell rack. I hammered out a brutal
manmaker/snatch/swing workout in about thirty-five minutes and was pretty whooped after that. Thankfully it was time for dinner by then, and as you know, food never did fail to make anyone feel better. Even if it was army cookhouse food, which is frequently, if not always, of a somewhat dubious nature....

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SL said...

Glad to see it's not all fun and games. Remember your country is counting on you to protect them ;-)