Friday, May 30, 2008

A couple photos from my Pacific Northwest CrossFit Exploits...

... for the record, I visited a total of ten affiliates in four days and did thirteen different CrossFit workouts in that same length of time, including Fight Gone Bad and Murph (both on the same day, Memorial Day, no less). Talk about a CrossFit road trip - this is the real deal. I'll blog in greater detail about the experience (it was entirely awesome); meanwhile, here are some photos.

Settling for nothing less than the best at my fourth workout of the day, on Wednesday, at Northwest CrossFit.

Swinging the 44-lb at Rainier CrossFit.

Yeah, Michigan! (aka. me, since my name is quite foreign to most people here).

After "Tabata This" with the crew at Agoge Gym.

With trainer Matt as well as Coach Dave Werner of Level 4 CrossFit Seattle (who also happened to be the first ever CrossFit affiliate) - it's an honor to have trained under your supervision, Coach!

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