Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday 02/10/2008

Escalating Density Training (EDT)
With a pair of DBs, perform the following intervals:
1-16: 1-Arm Overhead Swings (alternate R/L) (3)
17-32: Cleans (2)
33-48: Renegade Rows (2)
49-64: Push Jerks (3)
65-80: Thrusters (2)

Note: This is a 20-minute WOD. 4 minutes are devoted to each of the 5 exercises. These 4-minute intervals are further divided into 16 15-second intervals, in which you perform the stipulated number of reps of each exercise (as displayed in the brackets above). Once you have completed the reps for each interval, wait for the remainder of the 15 seconds to elapse before beginning on the next set. When you complete 16 intervals of an exercise, move on to the next exercise once the next round begins.

Rx'd weight: 30#

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