Sunday, October 12, 2008

Saturday 10/11/2008

WOD: Charge
1-2-3-4...18-19-20 reps of:
Medicine Ball Thrusters (20#)
Russian KB Swings
Ring Dips

Only managed to get up to round 18 when time was called. This workout is a lot longer than it seems (thanks primarily to the ring dips).

Deck of Cards - pull out a card one at a time and do the assigned exercise until the whole deck is gone. The number of the card is the number of reps. For example, a 6 of hearts would be 6 burpees. A Queen of diamonds would be 12 KB swings.

Diamonds = KB Swings
Hearts = Burpees
Clubs = V-Ups
Spades = One-Arm Ring Rows
Jokers = Run 400 m/ Row 500 m

"Reading without reflecting is like eating without digesting."
- Edmund Burke

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