Sunday, September 21, 2008


You never cease to amaze me with your indomitable spirit and strength, both mental and physical. Keep pushing the limits and breaking new ground as you enter into a new year of life! Thank you for being my hardcore workout buddy, and more than anything else, a dear friend.


It was only fitting that we perform a "Filthy Fifty" today to commemorate this wonderful lady's 50th birthday. People scaled as necessary, and so we saw a whole spectrum of variations, ranging from "Totally Thirty-Five" to "Shitty Seventy" (yes, yours truly can testify as to the appropriateness of the latter title).

"Filthy Fifty"
Perform 50 reps of the following exercises. All reps of an exercise must be completed before moving to the next.
Box Jumps
Jumping Pullups
KB Swings
Walking Lunge Steps
Knees to Elbows
Push Presses (45#)
Back Extensions (we subbed arm haulers)
Wall Ball Shots
Double Unders/ 3x Single Rope Turns

25-minute Spin, followed by:
1 Back Squat - 10 Russian KB Swings
2 Back Squats - 9 Russian KB Swings
3 Back Squats - 8 Russian KB Swings
9 Back Squats - 2 Russian KB Swings
10 Back Squats - 1 Russian KB Swing

"Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend."
- Plautus

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