Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Note...

Dear all,

I've decided I've had enough CrossFit for the time being and so I'll be taking a break till the urge to do another burpee returns...


I'm off to Brunei tonight to roam the forests, live off the land, and hone my soldiering skills for the next two-plus weeks. So there won't be any updates till I return (and I hate to say this, but probably few, if any, CrossFit workouts), since I'll be outfield during the bulk of the time. I've already thought about the possibility of making a jump rope out of vines (and you already know how an A-frame can double up as a pull-up structure), but something tells me I'll be happy to sit down and not get up till the next morning, when it's time to harbor each evening.

Well, yeah, anyway so I'll start posting again once I return. Till then, keep your fingers crossed that there aren't crocodiles in the river when it's time for the river crossing and combat swim (or I mightn't ever post again).


Jay C said...

Swim fast, though I'll put money on you vs the gator.
Once you wrassle that creature to sure, let me know, I'll provide a few recipes.

Be well.

Spider63 said...

Good luck, I hope to see you soon. What prompted you to go to Brunei? What is the purpose of your trip?