Sunday, July 13, 2008

There's nothing like home...

Spending time with the brother and sister

When I left for Ann Arbor, my brother was twelve, and in his first year of secondary school. Now he's just about ready to graduate and enter junior college. My sister -- she'll always be the baby of the family, even though she'll be thirteen at the end of the year. Sometimes I wish I had been around to see them grow up. Despite the distance (and the age divide -- I'm six years older than my brother and nine years older than my sister), I'm thankful we're as close as we are. They're good kids and I'm very proud of them.

"Our brothers and sisters are there with us from the dawn of our personal stories to the inevitable dusk."
- Susan Scarf Merrell


D'esire'e said...

HeLlOoOoOo!!haha yes yes i'm a very good kid!! hahahahehe.but i'm not the BABY!!haha so mean,can bully recruit ah? haha. jkjk. haha anyway, when are u going to bring me out for a treat?I wait very long already :D haha thanks for being such a wonderful sister too! wonderful things happen to wonderful people. hahahahhaha. ok i just finished my essay. can grade it? heehee

Jay C said...


Great picture.
Enjoy your family time, soon you'll be back in school.
Life goes fast.

Your bud in PA.

SL said...

Hey Feng, Love the picture! I hope you are able to spend sometime with your family. Time really does fly, your brother and sister look so grown up. You are looking good, army life and being home seems to agree with you.

yileng said...

Your sister reminds me of you, back in NY, with your long(er) hair. 10 years slips by so fast.

Spider63 said...

You have a very beautiful family, and you are a very beautiful person too. God Bless to all.