Saturday, June 2, 2007

A video from last Monday's training session to whet your appetite. One of the toughest Crossfit workouts I've done so far.


"Fran on Crack" - a variant of the milder, but no less challenging "Fran", which is 21, 18, 12.

Workout as follows:
21 barbell thrusters
21 pullups
18 barbell thrusters
18 pullups
15 barbell thrusters
15 pullups
12 barbell thrusters
12 pullups
9 barbell thrusters
9 pullups
6 barbell thrusters
6 pullups
3 barbell thrusters
3 pullups
For Time

Can't remember my time, I should have taken it down. But I definitely know that it either took or seemed like forever. Watch and share my agony.

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LauraR said...

Hi there! I came over from my CrossPitGirls blog. I just saw your comments from last week. My friend Arlene is still the one who gets the email notifications. :)

How do you like the CrossPit workouts posted? Jason is a really good instructor and a scary fighter. His class is my favorite.

But I post all my CrossFit stuff on my

Good to see hardcore women out there. I am not sure I'd consider myself hardcore, but I'm getting there. Check out the painstorms! Maybe HyperFit can join the fun. (unless they already do...hmm I better check the affiliate blog to find out. )

anyway. Great job on your training! Talk to you soon.