Saturday, June 2, 2007

Anyway I discovered the amazing wonders of Crossfit slightly over three weeks ago, and having been enlightened as to the principles behind this marvelous fitness philosophy, I will never go back to the days of drudgery in the gym when I spent anywhere between one to two (or more) hours pointlessly lifting weights or doing mindless cardio and things like that. Or even back to spinning sessions. I don't think I ever want to go near a spinning bike again. My goodness, Crossfit has entirely changed my mindset with regards to workouts. For instance, yesterday's workout was one of my favorites so far, because it incorporated deadlifts (which are my forte).

So basically the WOD (Workout of the Day) went like this:
10 deadlifts (at bodyweight - if you weigh 110 lbs, you use 110 lbs)
10 ring pushups (this really forces you to make use of your core muscles because of the unstable nature of the rings)
9 deadlifts
9 ring pushups
8 deadlifts
8 ring pushups
1 deadlift
1 ring pushup

All done for time. I did it at the 6:00 am class and clocked 6:48, and came back again at 5:30 pm and smashed my previous time, finishing in 5:12. Okay I didn't slack the first time alright, it's just that the rings I used weren't mounted properly and so I had to keep borrowing other people's rings. Anyway so you may wonder how you can justify a good workout when it only takes 5-6 minutes. But you can try it for yourself and let me know what you think. And the other key aspect of Crossfit is the way in which warmups are amply emphasized. Prior to the deadlift/ pushup WOD, we did a warmup that took even longer than the workout itself. It went like that:
600 m run
10 pullups
10 squats
400 m run
10 pullups
10 squats
200 m run
10 pullups
10 squats
So basically you feel like you just worked out when in fact you only just warmed up. But that's the beauty of Crossfit. The camaraderie between the people who work out at this Crossfit affiliate gym in Ann Arbor is awesome too. People come from all walks of life - I've met students, teachers, high school kids, grandmothers who can whoop asses, marathon runners, the really fit, the people who're striving to get back after a long layoff... you name it, Crossfit caters to everyone.

Anyway I think I'll start using this blog as a place to record my WODs. I don't care whether anyone reads it or not, but I need to be accountable to myself and for my mental and physical development. So if you're interested in hardcore fitness or want to accompany me on my WODs when I'm back in Singapore (or in Ann Arbor, for that matter), check out


0600 hrs

Set 1: 26 reps of each. Set 2: 20 reps. Set 3: 16 reps. Set 4: 10 reps. Set 5: 6 reps.
Dumbbell (DB) push-press (20 lbs per side for Sets 1-3; 25 lbs for Sets 4-5)
One-arm DB swing (25 lbs per side)
Weighted DB squats (20 lbs per side for Sets 1-3; 25 lbs for Sets 4-5)
Ring pushups
Building Run (approx 230 yds)
For Time

Time: 21:24

Dessert (courtesy of Jen)
100 yds walking lunge, 100 yds sprint, 100 yds walking lunge, 300 yds sprint.

1730 hrs

600m row
30 burpee-plyo box jumps (20'')
30 wallballs (14 lbs)
400m row
20 burpee-plyo box jumps (20'')
20 wallballs (14 lbs)
200m row
10 burpee-plyo box jumps (20'')
10 wallballs (14 lbs)
For Time

Time: 19:38

Dessert (courtesy of Doug):
100 Abmats

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