Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tuesday 01/29/2008

3 Rounds of:
20 DB Russian Swings (40#)
20 DB Thrusters (30#)
20 DB Russian Swings (40#)
20 DB Renegade Rows (30#)
20 DB Russian Swings (40#)
20 DB Walking Lunge Steps (30#)

Note: The DB renegade row is performed as follows -
Place two DBs about shoulder-width apart on the floor.
Get in the top position of a pushup with your hands on the handles.
Tighten up your entire body and squeeze the handles as if you were going to crush them.
Perform a pushup and return to the top position.
With your right hand, push hard into the ground, gripping both DBs, while pulling the DB to the waist with your left.
Lower the DB slowly and with control.
That is one rep.
Alternate between sides (with a pushup in between each row).

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