Saturday, January 26, 2008

Olympic Weightlifting and CrossFit

I was on the Performance Menu website and came across an excellent article written by Greg Everett (NSCA-CSCS, and owner/founder of California-based Catalyst Athletics), titled "Integrating the Olympic Lifts with CrossFit". In his article, he talks about the three different situations you're likely to encounter when it comes to mixing in Olympic Weightlifting with CrossFit - namely;

1. Pure CrossFitter: The individual is a pure CrossFitter; that is, he or she is interested in nothing more than excelling at the prescribed workout of the day, which will often include Olympic lifts.

2. Weightlifting CrossFitter: The individual is primarily a CrossFitter, but is motivated to improve his or her lifting to a degree that exceeds the requirements of the WOD.

3. CrossFitting Weightlifter: The individual is interested in being a competitive weightlifter at a level that allows continued CrossFitting at some reasonable level.

As might be reasonably expected, each of these situations has distinct demands and consequently requires a unique approach to training.

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