Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday 01/27/2008

Track Workout at EMU's Bowen Fieldhouse
Run 2 Miles Easy
Stride Practice
"Broken Mile"
Run 400 m, rest 30 sec
Run 600 m, rest 30 sec
Run 400 m, rest 30 sec
Run 200 m, rest 3 min
Repeat 3 x
Run 2 Miles Easy

Note: The goal is to maintain a sustainable pace for all the work sets. Push yourself hard, but don't go out firing on all cylinders at the start, only to gas halfway through.

30-20-10 reps of:
DB Burpee Squat Clean Thruster (30#) - Has a nice diabolical ring to it, don't you think?
BB Jumping Squats (45#)
Situps (on Decline Bench)

Note: The DB burpee squat clean thruster is performed as follows -
Begin standing with DBs at your sides in a low carry position.
Squat down, anchor the DBs on the ground, thrust your legs out behind you and do a pushup. All the while, you should still be gripping the DBs.
Return to the squat position and prepare to clean the DBs.
Making sure you maintain a strong, arched back and perfect alignment, clean the DBs by forcefully extending your legs, your back, shrugging your shoulders - all of which generate momentum that cause the DBs to travel upwards. Drop beneath into a full squat to catch the DBs in the high carry position.
From the bottom of the squat, drive your legs powerfully up to full knee lockout and use the momentum generated to press the DBs overhead to full elbow lockout, shoulders in line with the ears.
Catch your breath, and repeat!

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